Thursday, October 8, 2015

National Poetry Day 2015

A couple of short bits, scraps almost, from earlier this year.  I’d have written more but it this is a good time to leave them be.  There are a couple of others that go with them but one’s not finished and the other might not be worth finishing. 

She plucks the compliments from her hair

She plucks the compliments from her hair like bobby pins
And brushes the fleeting glances from her shoulders with gloved fingers
She averts her eyes from each proffered heart, giving only a smile in return.
To the ears hanging on her every word she offers only laughter
as she steps lightly through the longing gazes, placing each foot just so.

Bright Edges

A hundred poems I had for you
Unread, unwritten, unlived, but not unfelt.
And the bright edges of those days cut cleaner into me than any other.

I can feel them still.

Thanks for reading.

David Millington
October 2015