Monday, March 21, 2016

World Poetry Day - March 2016

Bit of a 'two cigarette' effort, done on my phone in January, lying on the sofa (I think) on the one snowy afternoon of the year in Nottingham and then briefly tidied up on Sunday evening.

Not sure about the bear and not the ideal time of year for the subject but let's see how it goes...


I wish the snow would fall and not stop.
Tuck the houses up and draw a hush tight around them.
All the movement and bustle fading.
All the paths hidden and footsteps erased.
I want the snow to smother the world.
Bury our mistakes deep and numb.
The birds could carry on,
the wind prowling restless,the cloud streaking the blue sky.
I'll sit alone with the unwritten page
and gazing out at a world unmade.
Peering into the whiteness for a shrouded figure.
Waiting for them to stamp their feet on the mat and knock three times.
I dream of a hibernation where we can lie good as dead.
Waiting to be reborn into a world wiped clean.
Waking with the clear purpose,
and the clean sharp mind of a sun irised bear.
David Millington
March 2016

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